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About us


We The People of The Towne Barker in order to form a more perfect canine, establish trust, ensure treats, provide for the creature comforts, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our dogs, do ordain and establish the Constitution of The Towne Barker.


The Towne Barker believes that the care and training of our canine companions is a necessity and not a luxury.  Therefore, we strive to build a canine community center that offers a wide array of services at affordable prices.


Don Allen is a native of Philadelphia, but has spent eleven years in Los Angeles honing his canine expertise by training/handling the dogs of high profile clientele and working in film and TV.  He has appreared on the front page of The LA Times, worked on the GSN show "Dogpark Superstars", is certified by the Red Cross in pet first aid and CPR, is a full member of "The Association of Pet Dog Trainers" and experienced in handling all breeds.


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Professional Dog Trainer

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Experienced in

handling all breeds!

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